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Clients from Saskatchewan

+1 639 317 6444






- No subscription
- No Monthly fees 
- Send an email or call and meet a professional via skype who can help you in a confidential and competent manner.
- Fair rates
- No intermediaries


Counselling is a relationship that helps an individual to feel better.

I offer support to people who:

-    suffer from various types of anxiety;

-    suffer from depression or depressed mood and feelings

-    are willing to improve their relationships with others

-    have problems with intimacy (emotional or sexual)

-    are about to make some important career or life choices

-    are dealing with loss or trauma

-    life transition and ageing


Counselling is a practice that helps people who are struggling with aspects of their lives. Counselling supports individuals who are willing to change and wish to improve their life, work or relationships. Choosing to go for counselling means taking some time to reflect on the choices we make and the goals we strive to attain in our lives. In today’s world, it is more and more complicated to distinguish things that we actually want from the things that we want because of social influence.

The omnipresent media system bombards us with images, models, suggestions, imperatives that we need to follow to become successful. For this reason, becoming deeply in touch with ourselves is increasingly difficult.

Counselling for me creates a personal space where people can ask questions first to themselves, and where they can find answers that may give their lives new and better meaning.


Saskatchewan Canada

Tel: 6393176444

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