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meet the therapist

Marco Milani 

MA R. Psych.


A few words about me.

I am not a classical specialist on mental illnesses. I have always been passionate about humanities, and I began to studied psychology not because I liked the rigour of science, but because I was curious about human beings –  and about myself in the first place.  After several years, I have still the same curiosity, and people's richness and creativity surprise me quite often.

In my professional experience, I have realised that there are many myths about mental health that need to be refuted. Indeed, many scientists try to reduce mental or social uneasiness to a few simple factors, like upbringing, learning, genes, or other biological factors. Moreover, many therapists support simple strategies and techniques that would purportedly have the power to solve complex psychological or existential problems.

 I don’t agree with these attempts. I think there is no “miraculous” or simply “technical” way out of complex problems. In other words, when relevant issues are there, it’s impossible to make them disappear fast and trying to pretend they are not there is, at best, useless.
I think people have the resources to deal with complex life problems, and I try to do my job by assisting them in this process. I am particularly familiar with loss, depression, anxiety, relationship, sexuality and ageing.

In the last three years, I have been working as an ESL teacher in Canada, and this job has given me the great opportunity to get in touch with people with different cultural backgrounds.  That’s why I feel comfortable counseling also individuals who have cultures and religions that are distant from my original ones. Talking to them is always an opportunity to enrich myself and my knowledge of the world.

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